Monday, July 23, 2012


Some people live for the weekends.  Slog their way thru the day, getting by, getting thru, just waiting for TGIF.

Those same people live for vacations.  Just one more month, one more week.  Counting the days until they can enjoy their life.

I was one of those people once.  Even though I had a good job, one that I enjoyed, I couldn't wait for my time off. 

I can remember thinking "I just have to get thru this week".

And then one of my vacations didn't go the way it was planned.  Our flight was canceled, we missed our cruise ship....we got there eventually, but wow, did that mess me up.  I was totally overwhelmed & upset when I found out. 

I had put so much energy into something that hadn't happened yet.
I had such high expectations.  And then when it didn't go as I planned...I came unglued.

Looking back, it wasn't a big deal.  It worked out.  We made it to our ship, we had fun.  I could have handled it a lot better.

That was before I really got what yoga was about.  I was teaching then, but mostly just practicing on a physical level...not the whole package.

We were on vacation last week.  A few days before we left people asked "are you excited?".  "I bet you could use a break" they said.

Sure, I was excited.  I was looking forward to dedicating time to just my family. 

But I try to be excited every day when I wake up.  I try to be excited that I woke up.  That I have time for my family.  That my "work" is something that I love.  That every day I have people & activities to be joyful & excited about.

My intention was to enjoy every day of our vacation & I did.  But my daily intention is to enjoy every day.  To make the most of my time, to take my time.  To breathe & be present. 

And that's my yoga.