Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What is yoga?

Yoga is not....

A cult

A religion

Just for flexible people

About being the best, the strongest or the fastest

Having expensive, fancy yoga clothes

About doing it right

Yoga is a practice.  It's about being yourself & loving yourself - right here, right now.  And you can practice that anytime, anywhere. 

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Practical Tips To a Creating a Yoga & Meditation Practice

Last year, I posted 10 Practical Tips to a Successful Yoga Practice.  Given that so many people choose January to explore yoga, I thought it worthy to repost...with an addition.  Yoga is a meditation in motion.  But once you've started to practice yoga & movement on your mat, it's nice to round out your practice with a seated meditation.

Sitting down & meditating can seem daunting.  But start with just 5 minutes a day.  Some people like to start their day with meditation. Others close their day with meditation.  Still other do both - morning & evening.  You wonder..."How will I find the time?"  If you commit to it, especially just 5 minutes, you'll find time for meditation just like you find time to brush your teeth.  It's starts with commitment & it is a practice also, so be compassionate & just give it a try.