Sunday, November 13, 2011


I missed posting for a couple weeks because, a couple weeks ago, our part of CT was hit by a massive snowstorm - a nor'easter, a blizzard.  Two feet of snow.  Record numbers without power.  No heat, hot water, electricity, cable, internet, phone service.  A real white out, if you will.

We are fortunate - we have a generator, so being without power was only a minor inconvenience.  We were still able to shower, cook & even watch TV (videos).  And our electricity was restored pretty quickly - after only 4 days.

Other folks weren't so lucky.  Many were without electricity for almost 2 weeks.  Many people woke up in cold, dark houses, went to work (if they were lucky - it was warm there) & came home to cold, dark houses.

For us, the good thing about the storm was spending more time with extended family & friends.  We invited people to eat with us & stay with us.  There was more time to connect & talk & enjoy one another because we weren't rushing off to check our email or watch TV.

And when power was restored, it was a huge relief.  Life is, obviously, so much easier with electricity - with heat, lights, hot water & phone service. 

Going without modern conveniences made me realize, once again, how fortunate we are for all that we have.  Being able to enjoy friends & family made me realize, once again, how fortunate I am to have these people in my life.

Gratitude is something I have written about before.  It's worth writing about again.  We get stuck in our heads & the challenges of our lives & forget about how much we really have & how lucky we really are.  It shouldn't take a snowstorm for us to remember this.

Gratitude is the highest vibration there is.  When you find it & feel it, everything shifts.  Within you & around you.  Try it.  Look at who & what you have in your life right now. Find & feel gratitude. 

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