Tuesday, September 3, 2013

I'm Awesome


Torrington, CT is a small town.  Small town America, after industry has moved out.  One of my friends recently returned home to Torrington after being away.  He'd been visiting some folks in big cities.

When I asked him about being away & being back in town he said:

"I'm too awesome for this place."

I didn't say anything right away, but later it came to me.  He's right - he is awesome.  I'm awesome.  There are alot of awesome people around here.  There alot of light, bright people here.  There's alot of awesome stuff happening here. 

It's not ego - it's truth.  We're all awesome, in different ways.  We're all beings of light.  When we let our light shine, when we share our awesomeness, we attract other awesome people to us.  When we let our light shine, we help illuminate the way for others & they can let their light shine.  And wherever you are, things lighten up & it gets brighter.

My studio, Sanctuary Power Yoga, is in Torrington.  It's an awesome place where awesome people come together.  I love it.  I love being in the studio, surrounded by those people.  I love that the energy, my energy & the energy of the people who practice there, attracts people from all over. When we practice together, share time & space together - it's awesome.

Wherever you are, there will always be things that you think can be better or need to be changed. And that's good - it provides contrast & room for growth.  But remember that you're awesome.   That you're a being a light.  Share that & attract more awesome people to you & bring more light to where you are.

It's happening everywhere.  It's happening in Torrington.  It's happening where you are.  If it's not - make it happen.  Be your own best, bright awesome self & see it happen.


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