Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Giving Thanks

You hear it alot at this time of year...and in my world, you hear it alot from yoga teachers:)

Thanksgiving isn't just one day out of the shouldn't be just one day.  The act of Giving Thanks. Thanksgiving should be every day. 

Every day we have something to be thankful for.

When our 5 year son wakes up in the dark at 5am & wants to get up & I'm feeling tired & grumpy, I try to remind myself how lucky we are to have a little boy who is so full of life & wants to run & jump & play & make lots of noise.

When my husband does our laundry & folds my shirts the "wrong" way, I try to remind myself how lucky I am to have a wonderful husband.  To have a washing machine.  To have a husband who uses the washing machine:)

When its time to empty the dishwasher & I just don't feel like doing it, I try to remind myself how lucky we are to have a dishwasher.  To have running water.  To have food to put on the plates that go into the dishwasher.  To have a roof over our heads.  And then I think...if we didn't have these things (food, a home) how lucky we are to have an amazing tribe of family & friends who would never let us go hungry or sleep in the cold.

It's a simple practice.  It can be a daily practice.

Thanksgiving can be every day.  Thanksgiving Day, the Holiday, the 4th Thursday in November, is a nice day to bring special attention to the idea of gratitude &  Giving Thanks.

Notice if it becomes just another day that you "have" to get together with your family.  If it becomes a day where you just eat so much you can't move.  If it becomes a day where you park yourself in front of the TV.

Let Thanksgiving Day be a day, really, of giving Thanks.

For what you have.  For the people in your life.  For who you are.

Let every day be Thanksgiving.

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