Thursday, April 23, 2015

Not Enough Pillows? That's Easy

We spent the night in New York City, just for fun.

We didn't have enough pillows, so I called down to the front desk & asked if we could get a couple more.

" no problem, we'll bring them right up" was the reply. easy.  I said to my husband " wouldn't it be great if everything was that easy?"

One of my students told me he was going to new York state for a week or two.  He used to live there & wanted to make a change, so he was going to see what was going on there now & if it would work for him.

The next time I saw him, he told me he had a bought a house, reestablished old connections & got work...all in a week.  "it was so easy!" ( his words)

So....why can't it all be that easy?

I know what you're thinking..."Heather, this is all well & good, but it's not my reality.  I have a mortgage, I have kids, I hate my job...but I've got do it if I'm going to live."

It is your reality.  But I believe we create our own realities.  Including the reality that everything is hard, not easy.  Having to work harder & more to have a better life...well, it's cultural reality.  And by that I mean our culture has conditioned us to believe that this is our reality.

So how do you shift it?  Quit the job? Run off & join an ashram?

It doesn't have to be drastic.  It starts small.  "Today is going to be a great day."  Period.  No matter what.  "Today is going to be a great day."

Hate your job?  There has your something about it you like.  Something.  Find that thing that you like & focus on it.  And then focus on finding that & more in your next job.  It'll happen. The more you shift your thinking, the more you shift your reality.

I am repeatedly stunned & amazed by what I manifest in my life.  The things that I create in my mind & give thought to...sometimes they manifest quickly.  Sometimes, it takes years (like my studio).

I know I am creating my own reality.  I know that the more I believe that something is possible, even if the whole world thinks its impossible, it's going to happen for me.

Think about about airplanes, cell phones, cars...all these things were deemed impossible at some point in history.  But the person who created it believed it was possible.  They didn't buy into group think.  They believed & created & manifested.  And no, they really weren't any different or better or luckier or smarter than you & I.

Start to believe that too.  That you are smart enough, amazing enough & worthy of all the good things you desire.  And then it'll be easy.

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