Tuesday, August 11, 2015

My handstand Practice

I've been practicing yoga for over a decade & practicing handstand for almost as long.  Mostly on & off practice of handstand, nothing really consistent.

Last week I decided I would practice my handstand every day & post my progress on social media (instagram, FB & twitter).  Partly because I wanted to try to attract some more followers, partly because I wanted see what would happen with my handstand.  Partly because I don't post my daily practice & I wanted to give folks something tangible to "see" each day.

For me, practicing handstand every day isn't about perfecting the handstand.  It's about practicing every day to see what happens.  I have a daily yoga practice, it just doesn't usually include handstands.

In the 5 days since I started, I missed one day.  I've noticed what happens when I rush it, just to get it done. I've noticed the difference between practicing on my mat in the studio & outside on the grass.  I've noticed the difference when I'm focused & present, and really distracted.  I've noticed how I can feel super graceful or totally out of control.  I've noticed I can laugh at myself when I fall.

As I'm writing this, it occurs to me that I need to encorporate my handstand practice into my daily yoga practice, instead of seperating the two.  Only trouble is that I often practice first thing in the morning.  No sure I want to show up on FB with bedhead in my pajamas:)

My daily practice has become a part of my day & my life.  It allows the opportunity to notice how I feel. To slow down, get grounded & get connected with myself & my Source.  It's a commitment.  My physical body benefits from the physical practice, but my whole being benefits from the whole practice.

There's a whole lot that goes into a handstand.  It's not just the physical.  Especially if it's part of your yoga practice.  What you see in my posts are really just physical.  But it represents a daily practice of commitment, breath, focus, meditation in motion, intention.

It's my practice on my mat.  But I do my best to carry all of it off my mat.

If you'd like to follow my practice, you can find me on Facebook (heather rems korwin), Instagram (heathersanctuary) & Twitter (heather rems Korwin @sanctuarypower)

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