Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Off My Mat

This summer I started practicing handstand on a daily basis.  I've been practicing handstand for quite a while, but never with any real consistency.  I like handstanding, it's fun, it's just not the focus of my practice.  I was also posting my handstands every day, but that got to be too much.  It went from practicing yoga in a handstand to "oh no! it's 10pm & I haven't posted a handstand today - quick, lets do a video so I can go to bed".  So it was a handstand, but there was no yoga involved.

I've continued to practice handstand - not everyday - but alot.  I practice it within the framework of my yoga practice.  For me, that means not just throwing my legs up (although sometimes it looks & feels like that).  But being in my body, feeling my hands as my foundation, using my breath, focusing my gaze, connecting all the parts of my self to bring myself into a handstand.

It may look the same, but for me, it's different.  It's a pose, just like any other.  For some (me included) it's challenging.  For others, it's effortless.  It's another pose, another opportunity, to practice yoga. 

When you think about it, our days & our lives are made up of poses. You can call them moments, but aren't poses moments?  Aren't those moments then poses - it's just that they happen off our mats.  Sometimes I practice handstand within my daily physical practice.  But most of the time I practice it as I'm getting things ready to teach in the studio, or as I'm leaving.

For me, it's become a good reminder to keep the continuity of my practice - breath, focus, full body awareness - even when I'm off my mat.

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