Friday, June 3, 2011

What Time Zone Do You Live In?

I am fortunate that my yoga teaching schedule at my studio, Sanctuary Power Yoga (, allows me to spend most of my time with our two year old son.  Unfortunately my husband, who works full-time, doesn't get to spend as much time with us as he would like.

On his days off, my husband jokes that it takes him a while to adjust to "two year old" time.  If you have small child you know what this means. 

This means, you can't just get your shoes on & head out the door for a walk with the dogs.

It means you have to stop & check out the dinosaur that was dropped & forgotten under the table the night before.

It means as you're putting on your sweater, you have to zip & unzip & re-zip it several times.

It means you need to stop & grab the banana on the table & take it with you.

It means you have to stop & smell grammie's flowers.

It means you have to stop and check out the tractor next door...every time you walk by it.

Basically, when you're on two year old time, it means that everything slows down.  Way down.

Now, you have a choice.  You can try to speed things up, but that generally creates a struggle & unhappiness for everyone involved.

Or, you can go with the flow.  You can embrace this new time zone.  Where things don't get done quickly.  Where things are often left undone (dishes, dirty laundry) because your child wants your attention & wants to play with you & he really doesn't think it matters if the house is tidy or not.

I love two year time.  I know our son won't be two for very long - he grows & changes every day - all children do.  So I adjust to his time zone.

And the truth is, I think most of us would be alot happier if we made the time switch.  There'd be more stopping to smell the flowers, more holding doors open for others, more enjoyment of the little things in life. 

Yoga asks us to do what most two year olds ask us to do...slow down.  Relish waking up.  Embrace the people in your life.  Take in the beauty in the day around you.  Enjoy this minute in your life. 

Try it.  Take a trip to a different time zone.   Be grateful for this moment...this moment is your life.

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