Friday, August 5, 2011

Why rush?

"Nature doesn't rush.  Life doesn't rush.  Only humans rush".

I heard another yoga instructor say this a few weeks ago & it stuck with me. 

I gave up rushing some time ago.  I'm not sure exactly how it happened. 

Here's what I remember: that feeling of being in my home, looking at the time & thinking I needed to leave right now or I would be late to teach.  That feeling of needing to get everything together right away so I could get going...that desperate feeling of needing to find my keys, my phone, my wallet...everything I needed to have in order to get out of the house.

I remember the last minute, frantic searching - not being able to find what I needed - only to finally realize that what I was looking for was already in my bag or in my car.

At some point I realized that the rushing was counter-productive.  When I was rushing, I was disconnected from what I was doing. I was thinking about where I was going, instead of focusing on where I was.  I was thinking that I would never get it together in time, instead of realizing that I had all the time I needed.  At some point I realized that the time I spent rushing around like a crazy person, snapping at my family, could just as easily be spent calming getting my things together. 

Rushing is really about not being present.  When you're rushing - either yourself or a process - you're focused on the future. You're giving your attention & energy to where you think you should be, instead of experiencing where you are.

When you are present - all of your energy & attention are on what you are doing at the moment.  Focused on accomplishing what you need to do right then & there.  One thing at a time.  When you keep your breath calm & even, you can stay calm & balanced.  Focusing on what you need to do at that moment helps get it done. 

This is what yoga has taught me & this is what I try to teach my students.  To breathe.  To focus in on what you are doing RIGHT NOW.  Take it one breath, one thing, at a time.  Let go of where you think you should be, or even where you want to be.  Embrace this moment.  Don't try to rush through it.  Even when it's challenging.  Take a class at my studio ( & see what I mean.

Remember, because it's true..."nature doesn't rush. life doesn't rush..."  and you don't have to either. 

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