Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Gift

Last night after class, a student stopped me & thanked me for class.  She had very kind words to say & I was touched - I always am when I hear from students.  It reaffirms for me the reason why I teach yoga.

I was still very much in the zone of teaching.  I thanked her & said simply "it's a gift" - meaning, my teaching.

I didn't think about it all until later.  There were other students leaving & students coming in for the next class.

When I did think about it much later, I felt almost embarrassed about what I said...about saying "it's a gift".  There were other people around who heard our exchange & I suddenly became self-conscious & concerned that what I said might have come across as egotistical or insincere.

For me, when I teach & am really "in the zone", it is a gift.  It's effortless.  I am filled with pure joy & love for what I am doing & the people that I am with.  It's not something that comes from me it's something that flows through me - it comes from source, the divine.

Wayne Dyer talks about it.  About sitting down to write his books, being connected to source & having words effortlessly come to him.  How easy & simple it is, when you are tapped in.

It is a gift.  It's the feeling of receiving a gift & then sharing it.  And the most effort is in staying open & receptive & trusting in what you a receiving.  This is what I feel when I teach.  This is how I felt when I was thanked by a student.

It was later, when I started "thinking" about it, that I felt that twinge of self-doubt.

The irony of all this is that in class I was speaking about the youtube video "Jessica's Daily Affirmations".  If you haven't seen it, it's a 3 year old girl, in her pajamas, in front of a mirror, saying "I am great!  I love everything!  I can do anything good!"...and she goes on like this for almost a minute.

She's still tapped into source.  She still trusts herself & all the gifts that she is receiving.  She trusts that she is great (we all are!)  No self-doubt.  Not at all self-conscious.  That's something, unfortunately, we are taught to feel as we grow older.

When you love what you do & are sharing it with others, it is a gift.  And we are all gifted in different ways.  It is something to embrace, to enjoy, to love & be grateful for.  It is something to share & simply feel great about.

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