Sunday, March 4, 2012


My brother has an allergy to some foods.  Not deadly allergies, thank goodness.  But a few foods, that when he eats them, he just feels really sick & lousy.  Sometimes he says he "can't" eat them.  More often, he says he chooses not to eat them.  He chooses, instead, to feel better.

I also have a food allergy - a food that I absolutely can't eat.  But then I have those foods that I know I shouldn't eat.  When I avoid them, I just feel better.  Most of us experience this with one food or another.

And yet, I sometimes choose those not-so-good foods.  I eat them, and feel lousy.

And then wonder why I made that choice.  Why I didn't instead choose better food & feeling better.

You know the choice...between fast food & fresh food, say.  The fast food is kind of fun & yummy going down.  But afterwards, it doesn't feel so good.  The fresh food - leaves you feeling fresh & light.

It's similar with thinking.  For some reason, we more often choose to think & talk about the negative. Just look at the evening news...not alot of love & light there.

When everyone is standing around gossiping, it can feel kind of fun & exciting to be part of that.  You feel included & almost like you're acquiring some special information.  But afterwards, it doesn't usually feel good.  Especially if you said some not-so-nice things about someone.

When you have that choice, to think or speak or act in a way that isn't positive...pause for a moment.  How do you want to feel?  We all want to feel the moment & later.  Choose to feel good.  To feel better.  Say to yourself " I am full of love & kindness.  I accept only loving & kind thoughts.  I act & speak in a loving & kind way.  And I attract to me others who are filled with love & kindness".

This is the beginning of choosing to feel better.  That, and fresh food:)

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