Monday, March 19, 2012

When do you do yoga?

The other day in the studio, one of my students asked "when do you get to do yoga?".

I teach class at Sanctuary Power Yoga 6 days a week & I love it. And I love to take class in the studio with the other, wonderful teachers. And I love to practice in the beautiful space that does feel like a sanctuary.

But when I'm not teaching, I want to be with my family. So for the most part, I throw my yoga mat down on the floor at home & let my son watch one of his programs while I take myself through a physical practice.

Every time I get on my mat, I focus on creating the practice that I need that day.  Some days it's fast & very physical.  Other days, it gentle & nurturing.  Some times, it's a long flow. Other says, only a few minutes to clear out & reset.  Most times, I read my affirmations & inspirational quotes as I practice.  And every time, it's a meditation in motion.  And because I'm with my family - I love it.

Some days, in the middle of my flow, our son interrupts me for something he needs, or just to talk.  And that's part of my practice too.  If I feel myself getting frustrated because he's interrupting my practice I remind myself of what yoga is really about. 

It's about love, compassion, breathing, staying calm & finding joy.  It asks for our continued commitment & devotion, in spite of interruptions. 

So when I start to feel frustrated, I remind myself to really practice yoga.  To find the joy in the silliness of what my son has to say.  Or compassion by giving him the help he needs.  And then the commitment to get back on my mat & refocus & continue.

And all of that helps me remember to continue my yoga practice after I get off my mat, with all the people & situations I encounter as I move through the rest of my day. 

So the answer to the question "when do you do  yoga?" or better yet "how do find the time to do yoga?"....Mostly, I practice yoga (the asanas) on my mat at home.  But always, I'm trying to practice my yoga everywhere I go & everything I do.  And I hope to inspire others to do same.

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