Monday, June 11, 2012

If I could just....

I love my body.

It allows me to do so much.  Run & play with my son.  Hug & kiss him & my husband.  Embrace family & friends & students in time of both joy & sorrow.  It gets me through those mundane everyday tasks - dishes, laundry, cooking & cleaning.  It carries me up three flights of stairs to my beautiful yoga studio.  It allows me to enjoy a powerful, strong physical yoga practice.

I am so grateful for all that my physical body does for me.

And yet....

As I stood in front of the mirror the other day, I couldn't help but think "if I could just loose my baby belly then..." (my son is 3 years old, afterall).

And then immediately I thought "well, then what?!?"

If I "lost" the baby belly...would I suddenly be happier?  Wealthier?  Smarter?  Prettier?  Would I win the Nobel Peace Prize?  Find a cure for all disease?

Not likely.

I'm already happy & smart & living a life of abundance.  Oh, and I'm beautiful too.

We all have moments like these.  "If I could just..." - you fill in the blank.  Get a bigger house, drive a nicer car, be thinner, smarter, etc

If things change, life may be different, may be easier.  But you'll still be who you are.  If you want to feel better, right now - embrace all that you have.  The things you love about yourself & even the things you're not crazy about.  Wake up every morning filled with gratitude because you did wake up!

Love yourself & your body & your life - imperfections & all.

And then watch as it just gets better & better.

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