Wednesday, May 30, 2012

What, no phone?!

The other day, my iphone wouldn't work...wouldn't turn on - nothing.

So I made an appointment at the "genius bar" & set out to leave the house.

My mother said "you need a phone - take my phone" (she was going to be home all day & actually still has a landline).

Imagine...leaving the house without a phone....whatever did we do before cell phones, before fancy phones with internet & gps & everything but the kitchen sink?

We waited.

When we were driving home from the store & remembered that we wanted to tell our friend something, we waited until we got home to call them.  And then maybe we left a message on their answering machine (or just waited to call again) instead of immediately texting them too.

When we thought "who sang that song in that movie?" - we waited until we saw someone that we could ask.  And if they didn't know the answer, we asked the next person.  And we had several conversations & personal interactions with different people.  Maybe we found the answer - maybe we remembered - maybe not. Was it really that important anyway?

When we needed to know who the Governor of Alaska was in 1985, we might have waited until we could to Library. We talked to the Librarian.  We looked through real books - not ebooks or ibooks.

Waiting.  Not necessarily a bad thing.  Waiting in line at the grocery, maybe you strike up a conversation with the person in front or behind you.  Waiting at the Doctor's office, maybe you take  a few minutes to meditate, reflect on all the great things & people you have in your life.  Waiting for the bus to come, maybe you notice how really blue the sky is & how warm the sun feels.

Waiting gives you time to notice what is happening in the real world - your physical world - at that moment.  It gives you the opportunity to connect with real people.  It allows you to be present.

That's your mat

Next time you find yourself reaching for your phone instead of talking to the person in front of you....wait.  And see what happens.

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