Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Right Place

Before we came to CT, we were living in the Boston area, renting an apartment from a friend.  The property was for sale - it had been for the few years we'd been living there. And the time came when the place sold and we had a couple months to find a new place to live.

It was the middle of winter & there weren't alot of apartments on the market.  At that time, we had two big dogs & a baby.  It became apparent pretty quickly that it would be challenging to find an apartment that would take all of us, that worked for us & that we could afford.

My yoga practice had taught me not to worry.  Why waste energy worrying?  Instead, I focused my energy on finding a place that was just right for us.  I believed it was out there, that we'd know it when we found it & that everything would work out in time.

I made alot of phone calls about apartments.  I'd start each call by saying "let me tell you first that we have two dogs & a baby".  At which point, there would usually be a pause on the other end of the line. Followed by an apology.  Either because they didn't take dogs or kids (because it wasn't lead-free).

We still managed to look at alot of apartments - probably close to 30.  And at one point we found two places that we liked & would work for us & we could afford.  In both cases, as I was driving to the realtor's office to place a deposit, I got a call that the landlord had independently found a renter & signed a lease that day.  Back to the drawing board for us.

It was discouraging.  It was challenging not to worry.  But our back up plan was to put everything in storage & stay with my Mother in CT until we found a place.  I knew we would find a place, but I began to wonder when.

About a week before our move out date, my Mother actually rented us a storage pod & had it delivered because she was so worried we wouldn't find a place.

It was around that point I remember having a conversation with my husband. I had been so sure that when we found the right place, I would know.  I would just be able to tell.  It would feel right.  It would be just right for us...all of us.

My husband suggested that I might need to let go of that belief.  That it was much more likely that we would have settle for any available apartment that would take us.  That we would have to make some compromises.

I had the same conversation with a good friend who was also a yoga teacher.  She said to keep the faith.  Keep believing, visualizing & asking the Universe for what I wanted.  She said I wound know the right place when we found it.

In the end, we found a place that wasn't perfect but worked for us.  I succumbed to practicality & settled & we placed a deposit.  The catch was, we still had to put everything in storage & move to CT for a couple months because the apartment wasn't immediately available.

It was once that we were here, in CT, that I stumbled across the space that is now Sanctuary Power Yoga.  And as soon as I walked into the space, I felt it.  It was perfect.  It felt like home. It was exactly what I had been asking the Universe for.

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