Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Me, My Mat & the Laundry

The other morning I woke with the plan to get right on my mat & practice.  I got my son breakfast, settled him in with a video & then took a look around.

There were toys everywhere (we hadn't picked up the night before).
The dishwasher needed to be emptied & the sink was full of dirty dishes.
The laundry basket was overflowing.  And the floor definitely needed to be vacuumed.

I was torn - I had limited time.  The disorder was almost overwhelming.  I new I'd feel better if I cleaned.

But I knew if I didn't practice right then & there, it would happen at all.

The first Yoga Sutra of Patanjali can be translated to "now begins the study of yoga".  Short, sweet & simple.

Now begins the study of yoga.  
As in - right now.  Not a month from from now when work settles down.  Not tomorrow when I have more time.  Not after a cup of coffee.  Not after I pick up the toys.  Not after I take care of the laundry.

And this is what I came back to that morning (and many mornings since then)....Now begins my study of yoga.

I walked past the laundry & the dishes, literally pushed the toys to the side & unrolled my mat.

And began my study, my practice, of yoga.
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