Monday, February 11, 2013

It's too crowded!!


When I was teaching yoga in the Boston area, there were times when it was really busy at the yoga studio.  And when I say busy, I mean 30-40 people jammed into a small lobby & standing on the sidewalk waiting to sign in for a class that starts in 15 minutes.

I always loved the energy of this.  So many yogis!  New people, people returning to the practice, people committed to the practice & themselves.  For me, it was exciting to be a part of all that.  I loved teaching in classes that were so full I had to carefully navigate my way through the room so as not to step on someone.  I loved practicing in classes so full that sometimes I was in the hall!  I still love this.  A crowded yoga studio!  What could be better than to be a part of so many people coming together for something as great as yoga.

But of course, not everyone shared my sentiments.  I could see the agitation in the faces & bodies of some of the people waiting in line to get in to class.  Would they get in to class?  Would it sell out?  Where would they put their shoes & coats - the hangers were all taken.  Where would they put their mat?  What if "their spot" was taken.  There was a line for the bathroom!  There were too many people!  I watched (and listened) to these people & their concerns.

In this situation & others,  I like to remind everyone that yoga is not something that happens only behind the closed door of an uncrowded, calm & peaceful yoga studio.  Yoga isn't something you practice just when things are going your way.  Yoga is something that is meant to be practiced in the lobby, in the line for the bathroom, in the parking lot, in home, at work....everywhere.
And, of course, I also like to remind everyone of how cool it is when lots of people show up for yoga.  More people practicing yoga - on & off the mat.  That always means a better world for all of us.

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