Tuesday, November 26, 2013



I am the sole owner of a yoga studio: Sanctuary Power Yoga (www.sanctuarypoweryoga.com). I say some owner, but I have alot of support & help from my family & friends & teachers (that's a blog for another day) all of whom are very invested in the studio.

Still, I am the one who makes & adjusts the schedule, writes checks to pay bills, stocks the studio with what it needs, handles questions, emails, etc from students, updates the website...you get the idea. 

I send out email blasts with updates on activities & happenings at the studio & more than once I have missed a typo.  Most recently, someone pointed out to me that I wrote "CLAEN" I instead of clean.  Yes, in capital letters...I'm sure some of you saw it if you read the email. 

I try to be professional & I like my work to be professional.  I'd like to say I have it all together.  But the truth is...I don't.  I make mistakes.  I miss typos.  I forget things. 

When someone pointed out the typo in the email that went out to over 1000 people - I laughed.  Yeah, it looked really unprofessional, but what can I say?  I did my best.  And when I saw the typo, I did my best again - I didn't freak out.  I kept breathing.  I let it go. 

And that's my yoga...off my mat.

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