Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Where Do I Practice?

Where do I practice? 

Pretty much anywhere in the house that I can find enough space to unroll my mat...and a yoga mat is not that big, so I don't need alot of space.

It'd be nice to have a special room, or even part of a room decorated & dedicated just to my yoga, but it doesn't fit in with where we are now & I'm totally ok with that.

We have a 4 year old son & he likes me to be near him when I practice, so most of the time it's not quiet - he's watching a video, playing or talking to me.

Once I'm in my mat, our dogs want to me near me or on my mat with me - I'm negotiating around the little dog or moving her onto her bed.  (The picture is my Sivasana yesterday...small dog asleep on my legs).

Most of the time I put my mat down on the carpet, but I've practiced on the linoleum in the bathroom when everyone was asleep.

It's never warm enough, so practice wearing layers - long sleeve shirt & fleece & I fire up the space heater in winter.  If I don't have alot of time or can't track down my yoga clothes,  I practice in my pajamas.

Don't get me wrong....I LOVE to practice in my studio (www.sanctuarypoweryoga.com).  It's warm, peaceful, quiet, serene - no distractions.  But I practice where I can, when I can (I try to practice first thing in the morning).  Yoga is meant to be practiced in life - anywhere & everywhere.  So for me, throwing my may down amid everything that's going in the house & in my life...well, that's my yoga on & off my mat.

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