Tuesday, March 11, 2014

We're All Human

There are some really great yoga teachers out.  Some are world renowned.  Some famous in their city.  Some, just loved by their small yoga community (and that's saying alot). 

I've often thought that the best teachers are the ones who walk their talk - practice what they teach, if you will.  And what I love about great teachers is the messages they impart.  Insight & wisdom on how to be a better person or how to live a more peaceful existence.  They share their experiences & their mistakes, what they've learned & how they've grown.  They let us see that they are humans, on a path, just doing their best like the rest of us.

The human part is important...really important.  Even great teachers are human.  They make mistakes.  They go astray - sometimes in really big ways & that attracts alot of attention.  Sometimes they hurt people.  Does that make them bad teachers?  Does it make them bad people?

I think everyone probably has different ideas about this.  But I was thinking that we do need to remember that we're all human.  That we all do make mistakes.  Being a great teacher means practicing what you teach.  But being a great student, or more importantly being a compassionate human, means remembering that is a practice.  It's a practice for the student.  It's a practice for the teacher.  And really, we're all students.  Its remembering that every time you make a mistake - in the studio or out - you just need more practice.  Remember it about yourself.  But also remember it about those great teachers.


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