Friday, May 2, 2014

Sweet Dreams

"The more fear one has of anything, the more a vibrational match to the thing that they fear they are. Help your child discover that if she makes things that are potentially frightening a non-issue to her, then they don't bother." -Abraham

Quite some time ago, our son woke from a nightmare absolutely terrified.  We had to take him out of bed, into another room, where we hung out & watched videos ("How It's Made" - a cool show that explains how things from bubble gum to big ships are made) & talked until he finally relaxed.  He wouldn't tell us what the nightmare was about.  When we finally went back to bed, he was still afraid & wouldn't even put his legs under the covers.  He still didn't want to tell us about it the next day & we let it go, not wanting to make a bigger issue out of it.

A month or two later, he decided to tell me about it, totally out of the blue.  He said it was about a big rat that was trying to "get him" (which explains not wanting to get under the covers again...he thought the rat was still there).  We talked about it.  I told him that when I have a bad dream like that, when someone or something is trying to get me, I turn the dream around when I wake up.  I remember the dream, but then imagine a different ending.  I told him that it was his dream, and now he could remember the dream & imagine himself making friends with the rat.  And so he didn't have to be afraid anymore.

He still talks about the dream occasionally, but now tells it with his spin.  He made friends with the rat.  He's not afraid of the rat.  It has, I hope, become a non-issue for him.

There may be other bad dreams.  There may be other fears.  I hope that we can help him make them non-issues, in whatever ways work best for him.  And as much as the Abraham quote above is directed toward children, I think it is useful for many of us as adults.  We find ourselves afraid of all kinds of things & people - often times, things that are out of our control.  And yet, we direct out thoughts & energy toward these fears.  And so that becomes our vibration - fear.  And we attract to us exactly that of which we are afraid.

What are you afraid of?  Make it a non-issue.  How?  With new thoughts.  Happy thoughts.  Re-imagine that of which you are afraid.  Re-imagine a different, happy ending.  Connect to those feelings & thoughts & people that make you feel strong & comfortable & happy.  Let that be your new, brave vibration.  Face that rat & make it your friend:)

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