Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Time Flies

"Today is Wednesday, March 18th, 2013.  Here in Northwest CT, it's still winter.  Most of us are anxious for Spring to arrive.  Winter feels like it has been so long this year.  But once Spring does get here, it'll will pass quickly.  And then will come Summer, and that will pass quickly too."

That's an excerpt from a blog I started in November of 2012.  And then revisited  in March of last year. I returned to it again today - Tuesday, May 27, 2014.  The day after Memorial Day, the unofficial start of Summer.

What strikes me when I read it, is how time has passed & how quickly it passed.  We talk about it all the time "seems like yesterday"....

It's the beginning of summer, and people are talking about the summer & school ending.  But they're also talking about Christmas & next year.  Summer will pass. The Fall will come.  School will start again.  Winter will arrive.  It's inevitable.  Time passes.

But how much of the time do you spend talking about what happened or looking ahead to the future? How much of the time do you spend in this day?  How present are for what's happening now, in your life?  

Reminiscing is wonderful.  And so is having goals & dreams for the future.  And it's ok if you look back sometimes & say "where did the time go?"  But don't let that be your whole life.  Start small.  Start paying attention now.  Notice which cup you use for your coffee.  How the cup feels in your hand, how the coffee tastes.  When you say "Good Morning" to someone, look at them - really look at them.  Make a connection.  Practice paying attention in each moment of each day.  Practice being present.  Notice how the air feels, how the sky changes, how people change. 

Time will still pass "fly by" - and that's not really a bad thing, if you're present for it.  You'll be present & you'll be the pilot of your life...rather than just going along for the ride.  Be an active participant in your life.  This the practice of yoga - the practice of being present.  This is yoga off the mat.

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