Sunday, July 3, 2011

Tailor's Chalk

When opening my yoga studio (, I decided to paint the walls of the studio "Tailor's Chalk".   It sounds a little corny, but I had a vision of how the studio would look with this color on the walls.

What I love most about this color is that my very good friend, mentor & teacher is named Taylor.  Spelled differently, but sounds the same.  Even my husband made the connection when I told him the name of the color.

When I selected the color, it just felt like the right choice - like I said, I had a vision.  But when I painted a small area of the wall, I was unsure.  It looked too white - I thought it might be too stark for the studio. That the walls might need a warmer color. 

Then one day while I was working in the studio before the opening, I literally had an epiphany...that's all I can call it.  "I'll put it on with a rag!"  My husband was skeptical.  I am not a super painter, to say the least, & didn't really have any experience with this technique.

But I tried it on a section of the wall & it worked.  It looked great.  It still looks great!  Not too stark - just right.  It was the right color after all.
And this especially made me think of my friend, Taylor.  She would have said from the beginning - trust your instinct, your intuition, and it will all fall into place.

That's how this studio came into being.  By trusting my intuition, my instincts.  And even more importantly, the Universe.  And the reason it makes me think of Taylor, is because I have learned so much about this from her & her family & the way they live their life.

You can read more about how Sanctuary Power Yoga came into being on Taylor's blog:  And you can come in & check out the paint color any time!

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