Sunday, October 16, 2011


When I opened my studio (, I heard alot of "you've got to get on facebook. You've got to start a blog".  I had never been a fan of FB & rarely read blogs.  But I'm all about getting the word out about heated power yoga in Northwest CT, so I jumped in.

The first time I hit the "publish" button for this blog - it was scary. Suddenly, what I thought, felt, believed was out there for EVERYONE to read.

Blogging & Facebook are still amazing to me.  I do check FB almost everyday to see what's going on & how I might be able to promote the wonderful things going on at my studio.  And I see how you could get "sucked in" & waste your day away.  I'm amazed at the details that people share about the themselves & the things that get written, posted & shared.

It seems that as we become more separate from one another, more & more we seek out this artificial connection.  Our friends on FB are strangers. We read & judge intimate details of strangers' lives.  And more amazing than what is written on FB & in blogs are the comments posted about them.

People judge, criticize & ridicule.  Others applaud & encourage.  They become involved & entangled in strangers' lives online (kind of like reality television!).  And while they sometimes know the blogger or the FB friend personally, other times the blogger or friend is, again, a complete stranger. 

Yoga is about connection.  With your breath, your body, your heart & spirit.  Yoga is about community. Connecting, in real time, face to face, in person, with others.  Yoga is about acceptance - of yourself, just the way you are.  And of others.

Blogging & FB are great marketing tools.  They're great ways to spread information & ideas quickly.  But they are no substitute for real life connections, with real life people that you know, or could get to know.  Instead of investing your time & energy in someone else's life online - invest in yourself.  Turn off your computer & get into a yoga studio.   Make a connection & maybe a real friend.

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