Sunday, October 2, 2011

Run Away!?

We have two dogs. When it comes time to put on their leashes & take them for a walk (which they love!), one dog runs away from us.

Now, it's not that she doesn't want to go for a walk.  In fact, she gets super excited about it.  She barks & runs around - runs over to us & the door.  Then as soon as you reach for her to put on her leash...she dashes off.

(And yes, I realize this could probably be addressed with proper training - but that's another story altogether).

The other day, as this was going on, it occurred to me that people do this too.

We want something.  We talk excitedly about wanting that something to happen.  We imagine it happening.  We wait & wait for that something to happen.

And then when it happens - when what we've been waiting appears before us...we run away from it!

For instance...I've had more than one friend complain about having lousy luck with men.  And talk about wanting to find a "nice" guy.

And then when she meets that guy & goes out with him, she decides he's too nice - that there's something wrong with him.  She runs away.

When we ask for something & talk about & get excited for it & imagine how it will feel - we set the wheels in motion to bring that something (or someone) into our lives.

But we're so surprised, and sometimes frightened, by our ability to create what we want, that when it appears, we back away from it.

We think that we don't deserve it, or that we should have to work harder for it.

When we ask for something - we need to be ready to receive.  We need to be open & realize that we don't have to struggle for what we want.  We just need to believe that we are deserving of it. 

And then accept & enjoy it.

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