Tuesday, October 11, 2011


We ask children all the time "what do you want to be when you grow up?"

And the responses vary greatly - doctor, actress, astronaut, scientist, clown, hairdresser, surfer, yoga teacher...

Kids dream big & their plans for the future reflect that.

Most responses are met by adults with enthusiasm, if not occasional wonderment ("where did they get that idea"??!!).

A funny thing happens as we grow - those big dreams, those interesting responses, get met with more wonderment & less enthusiasm.  And in some cases, the plans flat out get dismissed.

Big dreams become silly or unrealistic.  And being a dreamer becomes impractical. 

But what about the Wright Brothers.  Who would have thought at the time that people flying was possible?!?  What about all the children over time who HAVE grown up to be doctors, actressess, astronauts, scientists, clowns, hairdressers, surfers, yoga teachers...

All these adults had dreams as children.  Dreams that they realized.  They were dreamers - they are dreamers.  An thank the Universe for them & their dreams.  Where would be today without them?

If we can dream it, we can create it.  We just need to believe - in ourselves & the power of the universe.

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