Tuesday, February 25, 2014


We finished our last day on Martha's Vineyard with a couple of delicious, organic, vegan smoothies from Blissed Out in Vineyard Haven & then hopped on the ferry to head home.

I had read about Blissed Out before we left home & was super excited to find a smoothie place like it.  I make raw vegan smoothies at home almost everyday, but I love trying ones made by other people.

One of the things I read in the online reviews was that they were pricey - $8-9 for 16 ounces.  They were worth it!

While we were on the Vineyard, the refrigerator there broke down for a couple days so we didn't have all the usual snacks to pack for the car ride home (we're big on snacks).  And we'd eaten our way through almost all the food we'd brought anyway.

A little more than half way home, we found ourselves at a rest stop on the Mass Pike.  And we opted for fast food for lunch.

Almost immediately after I'd ordered & was standing in line (with the rest of the people in the picture above) waiting for our food, I had buyer's remorse.  Was it really a good idea?


But I waited for the food anyway...I don't even eat meat - French fries & frozen drinks are my vice.  The food was, well, barely food.  I let the dog have most of the fries - not all, but most:)

Our fast good lunch cost us only a little less than our "pricey" breakfast smoothies.  No buyers remorse there.  The smoothies were made to order.  Fresh, organic ingredients. And really filling!

It was a good experience in contrast.  I needed that fast food to remind that I don't really like it.  Not anymore.  I find I need reminders like that sometimes - we all do.  Eating, experiencing something that doesn't feel good helps you remember & fine tune what it is that does feel good.  And that helps you create the life that you really want.

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