Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The other morning while I was practicing yoga at home, our big dog pooped in the house & our toilet overflowed. (I specify our big dog, because it's usually just the little dog who poops in the house.  Little dog = little poop, big dog = big poop).

It occurred to me later when I was teaching...there's always poop.  Sometimes a little, sometimes a lot.  Sometimes it's your poop, sometimes it someone else's.  But there's always poop.

Looking back (especially before I found yoga) there were times when I was up to my eye balls in poop - flinging it around, just hoping it would stick to someone else.  I've been covered in poop & have made poop mountains out of molehills. 

The other morning, I found myself laughing about our poop situation.  It wasn't a big deal.  We cleaned it up, we moved on.

There's always poop.  And I realized it's how you handle it (carefully) that makes the difference.  You can fall into into, you can dive into it, you can get stuck in it, you can cover yourself in it, you can fling it - all that's really messy.  Or, you can walk away from it, you can step over or around it.  You can even pick it up, flush it & wash you hands of it.  No fuss, a lot less mess.

Like I said, since yoga, I have a lot less poop in my life - thank goodness.  And when I do encounter it, I try keep my sense of humor & stay as clean as possible. 

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