Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Without my Yellow Hat....

....I'm not - me!"

We've watched alot of Curious George over the past 4.5 years.  And even if you don't watch him, you've probably seen or heard of the man.  The man with, well, the yellow hat.  That's who he is.  And he says it - "without my yellow hat, I'm not - me!"

You can feel like that about anything.  Without my job, I'm not me.  Without my car, I'm not me.  Without my house, I'm not me.  Without my favorite yoga mat, I'm not me.

Thing is, these are all things.  And they aren't us.  They don't define us.  We don't have to let them define us. 

We live in a society that does place alot if emphasis in material goods.  If you watch TV, you're bombarded with it.  Buy this car, buy these clothes - you'll feel better & happier - you'll find you!

Things don't define us.  We let them, sometimes, define us.  Without our things, we can define ourselves.  We can be free to be who we really want to be.  Out from under the weight of searching for things outside of us to make us happy, we find contentment - santosha - in who we really are.

Without his yellow hat, the man would still be someone George loves.  The people who love you would still love you without your car, without your job.  Would you still love yourself? would you feel without your car.  Without your house.  That's not to say, without a place to live or a way to get around.  Just without what you're attached to now. Without the things that you've let define you.  Without your "yellow hat".

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