Friday, September 2, 2011

Opportunity Knocks

I had a teacher in High School who, before an exam, would say "this is not a test, this is an opportunity". 

At the time, I didn't really appreciate the remark.  After all, in most cases I was worried about the test & wanted only to get a good grade (this was before I found yoga).

Still, it was a phrase that many of us used & repeated at the time.  Even if mostly in jest.  And it's a phrase that has stuck with me for more 25 years.

Now when I think of experience & the phrase, I get it.  It was in fact an opportunity - to show I was prepared, that I could handle the pressure of the moment & that I knew my stuff, amoung other things.

I've thought about this phrase when practicing yoga & have even related the experience of hearing it in High School to my yoga students at Sanctuary Power Yoga (

When faced with a challenging pose, one that you find difficult or just plain don't like - you're presented with an opportunity.

You have the opportunity to breathe, to stay focused & calm, and to make it through that moment with ease & Grace.

In a challenging moment in your life, when faced with a challenging boss, a difficult family member, crazy traffic - you're presented with an opportunity. 

You have the opportunity to breathe, stay calm & focused & make it through the moment with ease & Grace.

So, next time you are presented with an opportunity...what will you do?  

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