Saturday, September 24, 2011

Are you Ready?

We recently posted information about our 2012 teacher training program on our website (, and since then I've been getting alot of questions.

The general thread that runs through many of the questions runs along the lines of "I'm not good enough/my practice isn't strong enough/ there's alot I don't know & can't do - am I ready?"

When I began teaching, there was no Yoga Alliance certification program for teachers.  There were programs out there - but completing a 200 hour certified course wasn't a requirement for teaching yoga. 

I can remember standing in the lobby of the studio where I had been practicing regularly, when the owner asked me if I had ever thought about teaching yoga.

My immediate reply was a long-winded answer about wanting to attend this retreat & that immersion program in preparation for teaching...about wanting to be ready first.
As I finished speaking, I noticed the sign on the board that said something to the effect of " yoga teachers wanted".

He meant - had I thought about teaching NOW.

I had thought about teaching, but in an abstract, distant-future way.  Was I ready to teach - no way.  But was I going to pass up this opportunity - no way.

(and thank goodness I didn't, because it was the start on the path to where I am today).

And so I started teaching power yoga.  I did some informal training, attended various retreats & seminars, but most of what I learned, I learned as I taught & took class from others.  I learned what to do...and equally important, what not to do.

(and thank goodness for all those kind students who suffered through my early classes).

When I started teaching, there were alot of poses I couldn't do...there are still poses I can't do.  And there are poses I might never be able to do.  

When I started teaching, I hadn't been practicing all that long - there was alot I didn't know.  And there's still more that I want to know - I believe you never stop learning.

When I started teaching, I wasn't ready.  But I'm not sure when I would have felt really ready - there's always more in this practice to learn & try & do.

So when people ask me this question - about being ready - I always say, it's not about what you can't do, it's about what you can do.

If you can get on your mat & work with your body with where it is today - you're ready. 

If yoga brings you joy & light & you want to spread that joy & light - you're ready.

If you're ready to look inside & get to know yourself really well - you're ready.

If getting on your mat challenges you & you wonder how you can stay calm & centered on (and off) your mat - even then, you're ready.

It's not just about teacher training - it's about anything in your life that you want.  If you wait until everything in your practice is just right....until everything in your life is just right - you may never be ready.

What you learn on your mat, is that you are often ready...even when you think you aren't. 

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