Sunday, April 1, 2012


During the Holidays, I read a couple moving articles about people helping people.  Some were helping in big ways - anonymously paying off bills for others.  Some were helping in small ways - stopping to change a tire for a stranger.

In the stories that I read, the who received helped referred to the strangers who helped them as "Angels".

Angels are different things to different people.  I believe that Angels do live among us & are always helping us - sometimes in big ways, sometimes in small ways.  To me, Angels are about intention.  The intention to help & expect nothing in return.  And it doesn't have to be fancy, with bells & trumpets & streaming light.  Just that intention to make it better day for someone else out there.

Angels pop in when you least expect them & disappear just as quickly & quietly.  But they leave a big impression.  And the suggestion that anyone, yes anyone, can be an Angel.

The Holiday seasons seems like so long ago - Spring is upon us, Summer will be here soon.  But Angels & their intentions are a reminder that the spirit of the Holiday season can continue all year long.  Peace on Earth...Goodwill toward others...Giving Thanks...Hope.  That's what Angels bring.

Angels helping people.  People helping people.  We all have Angels around us & the possibility to be an Angel within us.

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