Sunday, April 22, 2012

I don't know why I like Yoga so much...

One of my students said to me recently that she didn't know why she liked yoga so much.  She'd done the gym, rhumba - all that stuff.  And found that Yoga really resonated with her.

 I think we spend alot of our lives being to told what to think & how to feel.  We're told what we're good at & what we're not good at.  We're told what we should do & what we shouldn't do.  And somewhere along the way, we lose our way.  We lose the joy that resides in our spirit & our heart.

And then you get on your yoga mat (with a compassionate teacher) & Yoga tells you..."you are just right the way you are".  Yoga says you can drop all the labels when you get on your mat - you don't have to be a teacher, or a mother, or a father, or a partner, or a parent, or a doctor, or can just be you.  Yoga explains that you aren't all about worry & stress & fear.  Yoga lets you know that you don't have to be responsible for anyone else while you're on your mat.  That you don't have to fix anything or anyone while you're practicing.

Yoga tells you that you can can let can be you.

And you might not even know who you are when first start your yoga journey.  You might not know what you feel because you've been told what to feel & think for so long.  It becomes a process of getting to know yourself again.  Finding the joy that does in fact reside in your spirit & your heart.

Sometimes the journey is a rocky one.  Sometimes you wander away from the practice & then something brings you back.  But the more you practice, the better you feel.  The lighter & brighter you become.  Because you come back to joy & learn to love yourself just the way you are. 

This is why I teach.  Because yoga has helped me find myself again.  It helps me find joy & I feel lighter & brighter when I practice.  And that is something that I want to share with everyone.

When I try to explain this practice to people, it's challenging.  Because its much more than what you see.  Just like each of us...there's so much more to each of us than what you see.

That inexplicable reason for liking yoga...because you feel good.  Because you find you.  It really is something to be experienced for yourself.

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