Sunday, April 29, 2012

Save Yourself First

I met with a group of very dear friends recently.  Strong, smart, funny women that I have know since High School.

We were talking about the demands of modern life.  Specifically, we were talking about the demands of being a woman.  But really, it applies to everyone.

There's always someone who needs you, something that need your attention - it's constant.  Especially in this day & age with cell phones & email, when you can almost always be reached immediately.  And people expect an immediate response from you.  It can drain you.

One of my friends shared (only half jokingly) her motto..."save yourself first".  (Giving credit where credit is due, she said she had picked it up from her cousin & dear friend).

Save yourself first.

She told us her motto & then she gave the analogy of being on airplane that was going down.  The airmasks drop.  Your first instinct may be to help your child or your parent.  But if you don't put that airmask on yourself first, you can't help anyone.

Save yourself first.

I tell this to my students all the time...just not in those exact words.

When you get on on your mat - let it be about you.  Put yourself first.  Don't share your practice with anyone in your head. (If you want to physically bring them into class with you, that's another story).  But if you spend the whole time thinking about other people, worrying about them & what you need to do for them - you've given the time & the practice to them.  It becomes a practice for them, rather than for you.  And that time on your mat should be just for you & all about you, in the best possible way.
The effort that you make to find the time for you on your mat...use it to focus on you.  Replenish yourself.  Renew your energy.  Take care of your body, your mind, your heart, your spirit.

And then you can focus on others - then you're better prepared for it.

Make time for yourself. Find time for your practice.

Save yourself first.

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