Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't Cry Over Spilt Juice

The other day I was driving to the studio to teach & was really in my head.  I was thinking not-so-nice thoughts about someone...nothing terrible, just things about someone that I maybe wasn't so crazy about & how that someone "made" me feel not-so-great.

And as I slowed to stop at a light, my tall cup of juice tipped over in the cupholder of my car & spilled everywhere.

It was alot of juice & it was juice that I had just made.  It was really good (it was going to be my breakfast) & now it was in my cupholder, all over the center console & on the floor.

I admit - there was that moment of "Oh No!" - and I might have used a choice word:).  But then I sighed, looked for some napkins (I had a few) & just did the best I could to wipe up the mess & move on.

It got my attention - that's for sure.  It got me out of my head.  It immediately felt like a reminder from the Universe to be present, to enjoy what going on around me at that moment...it was a beautiful day & I was joyful to be headed to the studio to teach.  It was a reminder to let go of negative thoughts about that person & instead find the qualities about them for which I was grateful.  It was a reminder that I could shift how I felt, just by shifting my thinking & becoming present.

When I'm teaching, I remind my students all the time to breathe & be present.  I remind them that we all have the power to shift how we feel by shifting the way we think.  If you're on your mat practicing yoga, but you're thinking about how much you dislike your boss...you're missing out on time for yourself.  You're missing the joy of the moment & the practice.  And you miss the opportunity to feel better.

If you're driving in your car on a beautiful day, after having just spent time with your wonderful family, on your way to teach yoga to a wonderful group of  people in a studio that you love, but you're thinking negative thoughts...well, you get it...I was missing out.

It was a great reminder for me.  We all need reminders & they come in different shapes in sizes - you just have to be open to them.  For me, it was a reminder to practice my yoga off my mat.  To take a breathe or two, get present & enjoy all that the moment & the day had to offer.

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