Saturday, April 14, 2012

How does it make you feel?

I feel very lucky in writing my blog because most of the time, it flows effortlessly for me.  Someone says something or I have a thought & it sparks an idea, which then blossoms into a blog post.  I know it's right, because it does flow & it feels good.  I'm connected with Source, I open myself up to whatever is out there, and before I know, the blog is finished.  It's very similar to the way I teach.  And it feels good.

Today, as I was about to get on my mat to practice, my Mother told me about something that was going to be on TV later in the day & it sparked something in me.  As I started my practice, thoughts came together & I was writing my blog in my head.  I paused on my mat, and typed my blog out on my phone.  It didn't take long & when I was finished, I went right back to my practice.

As I practiced, what I had written stayed with me...which is unusual, because usually once I write it down, I let it go.  But I kept coming back to what I had written & it felt it off - I felt off.  I felt off-balance & almost angry.  And I finally realized that I written a rant, rather than a blog.

Now, I know alot of blogs out there are exactly that - rants.  Usually about things that the blogger doesn't like.  And that's fine for them.  But for me, I try to make my blogs about what I want to see more of.  It's the Law of Attraction...I hope & believe that if I write about good things that are going on (like practicing yoga & taking that practice off your mat), then maybe it will lead to more people feeling better & doing better & maybe the world will become a better place.  And I use how I feel when I write as my guidance system - if it doesn't feel good, it probably isn't a good idea.  And if I don't feel good, I try to think about & reach for something that feels better.

So as I continued to practice, I realized that in what I had just written there was alot of focus on the negative.  Things that I think are wrong.  And writing them all down just made me feel worse...a little angry, a little off-balance.  And it took me almost my whole practice to work out those feelings.

In talking with a student not long ago, she started to tell me about some trouble she was having with her computer.  And then she stopped abruptly & pretty much said she didn't need to elaborate & go into detail was enough to say that it had left her feeling overwhelmed.  She got it.  She recognized in that moment that if she brought the whole thing up again & went into details about everything that had happened & gone wrong - she was going to feel lousy & overwhelmed again...just as she had at the time when she had the problem with her computer.  She chose instead to stop & re-align her energy.  She kept it simple.  She was having a good day, she'd just had a good practice - she was feeling good & wanted to keep it that way.  Enough said.

And so it was the same with what I had written.  My intention in writing was to spark some positive energy in the people who would read it.  But I realized that if it was mostly negative & made me feel bad, it probably wasn't going to make anyone else feel good.

So I've left what I wrote where it is - saved on my phone.  Until I figure out a way to turn it around & re-align the energy of it so that it feels productive & good.

And instead, I wrote this.  And this flowed easily & it feels good.  I know that sometimes you do need to talk about bad things that have happened.  That you need to release them from your heart & spirit & body & that the only way to do so is to talk about it.  And I respect that.

But I also know that repeating the same negative story over & over & over again, just brings me back to the way I felt at the time...not good.  And I want to feel good.  I want to be happy.  We all do.

So next time you start to think or talk about things that aren't right, take a moment & see how you feel.  How you feel before you shift your attention to the negative.  If you're having a good moment & feel good - stay with it, enjoy it.  If you're feeling not-so-great, instead of lowering your energy even more - reach for thoughts & words & images that make you feel better.  This is what the practice of yoga is all about.  Feeling better.  And you can practice it anywhere, anytime.

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